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Welcome to our store in "cyberspace"!

International Meat and Deli is a family owned and operated store, located in Garden Grove, California.
We specialize in "old world" and homemade flavors with traditional high-quality fresh meat, deli and dairy products (cheeses: Romanian and Hungarian, also Bulgarian Kaskaval, Feta, Swiss, Branza de Burduf, Urda, and Farmer’s Cheese).

Imported goods from all over Europe, constantly looking to widen our selection. In our store you will find the real Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, German flavors, like; Univer Red Gold paprika paste, Strong Steven paprika paste, Sweet Ann paprika paste, goulash cream, mustard, mayonnaise, horseradish, etc., pastries, sweets and real Hungarian krémes (Hungarian napoleon), ROM chocolate bar, Zacusca, Eugenia, preserves, pickles, Five Roses flour, Perla Harghitei (Pearl of Hargitha) natural mineral water (carbonated only) and Allegria carbonated soft drinks in Elderberry with Lemon, Orange, Lemonade and Tropical flavors, and much more. We also carry cosmetics; Fa, Nivea, Rexona deodorants, roll-ons and soaps and Persil detergent, all from Germany.

Bonbonetti Szaloncukrok / Bonbonetti Christmas Candy

Bonbonetti Szaloncukrok / Bonbonetti Christmas Candy

Idén a Bonbonetti Szaloncukorjaival édesítheti meg a karácsonyi ünnepeket!

This year we brought to you the famous Christmas Candy from Bonbonetti.
The best Christmas Candy in Hungary!

Immediate availability
Primola Pralines in 4 flavors - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

Primola Pralines in 4 flavors - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

Caramel 149 gram $3.25/box (3rd box free)

Cappuchino 141 gram $3.25/box (3rd box free)

Assorted 185 gram $3.99/box (3rd box free)

Assorted 189.5 gram $4.25/box (3rd box free)

Immediate availability

Here is what the "Orange County Weekly" had to say about our store in their "Meat Me In Hell - A Guide to great food" article, Vol. 9 No. 19 January 16 - 22, 2004:"One step into their International Meats and Deli in Garden Grove and the scent of kolbasz wraps its smoky arms around you like the robust Magyar grandmother you wish you had. The Hungarian sausage is the mainstay of the Teglases’ business, and the family has a hard time keeping it in stock—they ran through 300 pounds of it during the recent holidays. The kolbasz is made on the premises: cured and seasoned with imported Hungarian spices, and then smoked until the fire inspector gets antsy. Kolbasz comes mild or spicy and should be enjoyed as they do in Budapest: spread out on a table with bread, cheese, beer and more kolbasz. Other specialties include szalonna bacon, a pork liver sausage called hurka, and pick, an imported dry sausage that is found in few places outside the former Warsaw Pact."

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